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What is Advanced Conversion Technology?


Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) treatment of waste is considered to be the next generation of thermal treatment and can be applied to a variety of feedstocks. Such technologies are designed to recover energy – in the form of electricity, heat, gas or fuels – principally using the processes of pyrolysis or gasification, or in the case of Syngas Products, both methods combined.

The primary difference between ACT treatments (such as pyrolysis and gasification) and traditional combustion is the control of the environment in which the thermal processes take place. During the traditional combustion process, the feed material is heated and reacts with oxygen; leaving products of combustion and ash. During this very rapid reaction there is little control to prevent the formation of dioxins, furans, oxides of nitrogen and other oxides.

With pyrolysis and gasification the material is heated in the absence, or with little, oxygen converting the material into a fuel gas and char.  In the Syngas Products process this fuel gas is cleaned and purified removing the precursors to the unwanted exhaust emission compounds.  The clean renewable gas is then suitable for combustion in traditional high efficiency engine cycles such as spark ignition gas engines or gas turbines.

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