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Clean renewable syngas to gas engine process

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Clean renewable syngas to gas engine process

Syngas Products’ gas to engine process has a reference facility at Canford, in Dorset, which is converting refuse derived fuel into a clean renewable syngas from which electricity is being generated using a spark ignition gas engine. The process provides 90+ % landfill diversion. 

Syngas Products’ technology offers an advanced thermal waste to energy process based on a combination of pyrolysis and gasification of waste to produce a syngas for use in power generation. A proprietary syngas clean-up system produces a fuel grade syngas which is used directly in gas engines, or could be used directly as a clean renewable gas.

The process is flexible and can handle a wide variety of feedstocks including unsorted municipal solid waste (black bag waste) and RDF, with little pre-treatment. 

The technology is modular allowing phased project delivery and off-site manufacturing of pre-fabricated units for rapid deployment and low capex/MWe. The modular approach allows plants to be scaled to fit available feedstock and co-location with waste producers or energy intensive users.


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