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Syngas Products is a supplier of Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) waste-to-energy technology that employs staged and separated pyrolysis and gasification to liberate energy-rich gases from a range of biomass-rich waste-derived fuels, including Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF).

Unlike conventional thermal processes which combust waste to produce heat or gases, the Syngas Products process works by heating the RDF in a controlled oxygen environment to produce a clean, energy-rich syngas. The resultant syngascan be fed directly into a gas engine, industrial process kiln or the distribution grid. In addition, heat can be recovered from the process for use in nearby commercial applications, such as space heating or refrigeration.

Syngas Products is a modular system with each thermal unit designed to process around one tonne of RDF per hour. The footprint of an individual unit is compact. Banked together, Syngas Products units allow facilities to be designed to suit waste volumes ranging from 30,000-100,000+ tonnes per annum, with energy output of between 3-10MWe. The modular approach also allows for high operational efficiency, ease of maintenance and built-in redundancy.

Syngas Products’ technology has a number of specific advantages over traditional thermal processes.

  • In conjunction with MBT pre-treatment, Syngas Products supports second-chance recycling through pre-sorting of the waste. Non-combustible and recyclable materials, such as metals and rigid plastics, are given the opportunity to be removed from the waste stream prior to the preparation of RDF.
  • Syngas Products’ facilities are modular and appropriately sized for the incoming RDF supply. This allows local waste minimisation and recycling initiatives to operate effectively.
  • Syngas Products’ modular build allows on-line maintenance to take place on individual units without interrupting operations.
  • With a low visual impact and requiring a lower stack height, Syngas Products’ facilities are much more acceptable to local communities than incineration plants.
  • Syngas Products produces renewable energy which qualifies for UK renewables subsidies, although subsidies are not a prerequiste for deployment.

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