2016: Canford, Dorset


Syngas Products’ has its own demonstration facility at Canford, in Dorset, which uses the second generation of the Company’s technology. The Canford Energy Recovery Facility is running demonstration trials on a 10,000 tpa input and 0.8MWe pre-production modular unit. The pre-production unit is the product of an extensive R&D programme that began in 2013 to prove the production of clean renewable syngas from a wide range of feedstocks.

The R&D programme initially involved 3 independent test rigs. In 2016, the 3 independent test rigs were relocated and incorporated into a fully integrated system, referred to as the pre-production unit, which includes some new and modified elements.

The pre-production unit at Canford is processing Refuse-Derived Fuel and producing a clean renewable syngas, which is being supplied to a spark ignition gas engine for electricity generation and export.

Planning permission and grid connection are in place to expand the facility up to 100,000tpa / 8MWe with the potential for private wire power sales. Due to the modular nature of the technology, multiple clean syngas units can be manufactured off-site, pre-fabricated units can be installed and commissioned over a 9-12 month period, which allows phased project delivery. A scale-up of the Canford plant is planned over the coming years.


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