The Energy Trilemma identifies the triple challenge of delivering secure, low-carbon and cost effective energy.  These challenges are being faced around the World.

The UK is facing the real threat of future power shortages as coal-fired power stations and nuclear plants are decommissioned and the risk to businesses with high energy requirements becomes more severe.  Whilst long term energy prices are predicted to increase in real terms as natural resources become scarcer and energy-intensive organisations become increasingly exposed.

Manufacturing and industrial processing is inherently energy intensive. Managing the impact of rising energy prices can be an increasing burden for businesses. Heat and power are both affected by this pricing curve so coupling the need to reduce cost with the desire to boost environmental credentials can be difficult to balance.

Syngas Products can address these issues with the provision of secure, cost effective, reliable, 24/7 heat and power for industrial processes, through the utilisation of renewable sources of fuel. Co-located on-site solutions or power purchase agreements can bring cost and supply security to your business. Contact Syngas Products to find out more about meeting your renewable energy requirements.

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