Syngas Products is an advanced thermal waste-to-energy technology and intellectual property business. It specialises in the design, supply and installation of Energy Recovery Facilities (ERF) which utilise waste-derived feedstocks including unsorted Municipal Solid Waste, Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) and sewage sludge to produce renewable energy. Syngas Products is at the forefront of the UK’s advanced thermal technology market.

Syngas Products is currently developing a scalable modular gas to engine technology offering and has a demonstration facility at Canford, in Dorset, which features a pre-production unit that is processing RDF and producing a clean renewable syngas that is supplied to a spark ignition gas engine to generate electricity.

The Syngas Products’ technology was developed by its experienced in-house team of thermal waste treatment specialist engineers. The technology employs staged and separated pyrolysis and gasification to liberate energy rich gases and other valuable products from biomass-rich RDF.

Syngas Products’ competitive advantage lies in the technology’s modular and scalable design, cost effectiveness, low visual impact and speed of deployment, along with Syngas Products’ waste operator heritage. A Syngas Products ERF also has a significantly lower capital cost per MW compared to alternative thermal technologies or conventional mass-burn incineration.

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