Syngas Products is at the forefront of decentralised advanced thermal waste-to-energy technology. Supplying modular, scalable & cost-effective pyrolysis and gasification systems to convert non-recyclable waste into clean renewable syngas, for use in power generation.

Waste or fuel?

Reducing cost and environmental impact

Traditional methods of waste disposal are economically and environmentally unsustainable. Syngas Products considers waste a valuable source of energy-rich renewable fuel.

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Renewable energy

Responsible, secure and cost-effective power

Responsible use of natural resources is increasingly important to organisations. Renewable engery can deliver both security and corporate responsibility benefits,. Syngas Products can provide renewable energy for your business.
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ACT explained

Environmentally controlled thermal waste treatment

Advanced Conversion Technology {ACT) is the next generation of thermal waste-to-energy technologies offering many benefits over conventional thermal treatment methods.

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